Shield Board

Shield Board

Chief Media offers 4 type of digital print polypropylene sheets.   One being fluted board, the run of the mill product known to one and all.  

Additional to the flute we offer 3 additional variations on polypropylene sheet based on bubble technology rather than flutes.  Advantage of the bubble technology is that if offers bi-directional strength, has insulation and acoustic properties, offers high compression strength,  it can be forme cut, welded and stitched and is non-frammable.   Offering bi-directional strength means it can be cut in any direction hence avoiding costly cutting errors and ensuring wastage is kept at a minimum.   The high compression strenght and lightweight properties makes it the ideal product for building re-usable display units that need to be folded and transported.  

Bubble Guard Board is available in different weights, viz. 700 GSM (3.8mm), 1,000 GSM (4.3mm) and 1,500 GSM (4.9mm) and sheet size is standard at 2,440mm X 1,220mm.   Manufactured under strict quality control in the middle East ensures we deliver consistent quality, order to order.

Shield Board and Shield Board Plus is manufactured in Europe and is manufactured along the same general guidelines as bubbleguard board.  Variation is that the inner core of bubbles is sandwiched between 2 flat layers of PP sheet.  The 2 flat layers of PP sheet offer an exceptional smooth matte finish and printability on both sides of the sheet.   The sheet is also resistant to marking when handled and has been printed on various flat bed digital printers very successfully.  The variation between Shield Board and Shield Board Plus is that Shield Board comes with a white core and Shield Board Plus is supplied with a black core to ensure complete opacity for a 2 side printed board, ideal of tags, supermarket aisle hanging signs, etc.

Shield Board in 5mm is available ex stock Sydney in sheet size 2,050mm X 1,220mm.    Offering a smooth finish front and back it can be printed both sides.   Call it a shield or an armour, it is definitely strong and has excellent smooth finish on the sheet, front and back.

Shield Board Plus is stocked in thinner gauges viz. 2.6mm and 3mm in sheet size 2,050mm X 1,220mm - white smooth print surface front and back and comes with a black core to ensure opacity.   Can be both digitally printed and screen printed.  Ideal for double sided signage where rigidity and moisture resistant is required.   Ideal for double side printed hanging signs in supermarket isles and for building of display stands.   Offered as a moisture resistant alternative to screen-board.