Big Chief

Big Chief

In order to meet demand for larger size sheets we offer Big Chief Aluminium Composite Panel which comes with a width of 2 metres by length of 3 or 4 metres.

We offer a limited range of colours in the oversize sheet.   We do, however also offer the white in other sheet sizes for ease and economy of making various differnt sheet sizes and to ensure that the whole signage matches.  We have incorporated an Aluminium coil thickness of 0.30mm to maximize the strength and rigidity required for a panel this size.   Big Chief is a proven panel and we are confident about the structural strength of these oversized sheets.


  • Panel Thickness: 3mm
  • Aluminium Thickness: 0.30mm 
  • Aluminium Alloy: 1100 series
  • Sizes (White): 2440x1220mm; 3050x1500mm; 3000x2000mm; 4000x2000mm 
  • Sizes (Black): 2440x1220mm; 3050x1500mm; 3000x2000mm; 4000x2000mm
  • Sizes (Colours): 4000x2000mm

Big Chief is limited in colour to gloss and matt white, gloss black, gloss blue and gloss red.

[Download Color Chart]