Chief Bond

Chief Bond

Chief Bond is our most widely recognised sign and decoration panel renowned for quality and durability to suit all types of applications.

Chief Bond is produced by Haida who are a leading worldwide supplier of Aluminium Composite Panel and they are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.  Chief Bond is made with a high grade Aluminium alloy and a high level virgin plastic core to enable grooving and folding without snapping.


  • Panel Thickness: 3mm (also 4mm for white only)
  • Aluminium Thickness: 0.21mm
  • Aluminium Alloy: 1101 series
  • Sizes (White): 2440x1220mm; 3000x1250mm; 3660x1220mm; 3050x1500mm; 4000x1500mm
  • Sizes (Black): 2440x1220mm; 4000x1500mm
  • Sizes (Colours): 2440x1220mm; 3050x1500mm

It is coated with a special polyester paint to provide a flawless smooth finish in one of the following colours.

Many of our colours have been matched to corporate specifications of well known brands.  We can also match according to your corporate or specified colour depending on your requirements

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