Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Who is Chief Media?
A.  Chief Media is a privately owned company who started operations in September 2008.  

Q. What is your business?
A. Chief Media import print films such as Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV), Polyesters, Overlaminating Films, Magnetic, Reflective, Anti Graffiti, Static Cling, Walk-On UL approved floor graphics film plus various substrates such as Chief Bond Aluminium Composite Panel (ACM), Chief Sign Panel, QBond, Digital Print Aluminium Composite Panel, Cello Bubble Guard Board, Shield Board, Foam or Expanded PVC, Celuka Hard Skin PVC, Polycarbonate UV2, Acrylic, Polystyrene Foam Board, Sign Accessories, Aluminium Extrusions, Double Sided Adhesive Films, A Frames, Banner Stands, Etc.   Additionally we also offer many different illuminated signage solutions such as Magic Mirror, LED Slim-Line light-boxes, LED Modular Light Systems, Led Strips, etc.

Q.  Who are you main customers?
A.  Sign Writers, Screen and off-set Printers, Digital Printers, Display Companies, Fabricators, Advertising Agencies, Multi-National Corporates, Kitchen Manufacturers, Designers, etc. 

Q.  What competitive advantage do your offer your customers:
A.  We pride ourselves is introducing innovative new products as soon as they become available.   We have introduced many new products which have had some teething issues, but we have worked on an improved all our products to more than an acceptable level.   

Q.  Do you sell coloured vinyls?
A.  The short answer is NO.

Q.  Where are you based and what areas to you service?
A.  We have our head office in Sydney.  Our address is 15 Montore Road, Minto.  We have recently opened a branch in Melbourne and our address in Melbourne is 8C Adina Court, Tullamarine.   We also have distributors of our sheet stock in various locations to service the market.

Q.  Who are your distributors and what areas do they service?
A.  We have distributors in:
        Newcastle:     Specialised Wholesale 
        Wollongong:  Allyman Aluminium Supplies
        Canberra:       Plastic Creations
        Tasmania:      Marsden Bros.

Q.  Do you sell alucobond / alupanel?
A.  No.  We sell a similar product which we have branded Chief Bond.   WE guarantee our Chief Bond for 8 years outdoors and we have now been offering this on our market for 8 years and can name several projects which have proven the quality of our brand.   Of course we also offer more economical composite panel sheets, such as QBond by Chief and this product has improved over time and we now offer a very high quality QBond at a very competitive price.

Q.  Do you offer a digital print aluminium composite panel?
A.  Yes we certainly do.   It is sold under the brand Digital Bond by Chief.   Guaranteed to print on most print platforms and the print easy passes the scratch test.  Better still, it is very competitively priced.   

Q.  How do I ensure I have purchased one of these products:  Chief Bond, QBond by Chief, Big Chief, Digital Bond by Chief
A.  All our sheets have a branded cover sheet.  The sheets have the Indian Head logo 
In various colours to differentiate the brand you have purchased.

Q.  What is the biggest sheet you sell in the Aluminium Composite Panel range.
A.  The largest sheets are sold under the brand Big Chief.  The largest sheet size we supply is 2,000mm X 4,000mm.   Big Chief is also available in 2M X 3M, 1,500mm X 3,050mm, 2,440mm X 1,220mm.   Main reason for different sizes is to ensure the white does match when larger signs are fabricated.

Q.  What Variations do you supply in the Chief Aluminium Composite Panel range/
A.  We offer 3mm and 4mm sheets.   We have different thicknesses of aluminium, we offer a large range of colours, we have a large range of sheet size, we can offer panel guaranteed for 4 years or 8 years outdoors.   We even offer a 20 year outdoor warranty on what we classify as our building panel range.

Q.  What is your building panel range?
A.  Our building panel range is sold under the brand of Haida.  Haida is one of the oldest manufacturers of Aluminium Composite Panel, headquartered in Singapore and manufacturing in China.   Haida has been awarded a Top 5 company and a Famous Brand certificate by the Government in China.   Arguably it is the most widely used cladding by large corporates in China.   The Haida brand is supplied with a PVDF coating and is warranted for 20 years outdoor use – conditions apply.

Q.  Is Haida available with an FR (Fire Retardant) Core?
A.  Yes it certainly is available with Fire Retardant core.  This Fire Retardant core is easily recognizable as the core is white in colour.   

Q.  Is Chief Bond manufactured in China?  If so, is the quality as good as the other brands on offer?
A.  Certainly Chief Bond is manufactured in China, but so are most of the other brands.  In fact even the oldest brands out of Europe and Japan have manufacturing facilities in China.
Q.  What thicknesses and colours do you have in the Chief Aluminium Composite signage panel range?  What is sheet sizes do you stock?
A.  We have 3mm and 4mm panel with.12, .16, .21, .25 and .3 aluminium skins.  We offer more than 40 colours as stock standard colours.    Our standard sheet size is 2,440mm X 1,220mm.  We do offer the white in sheets 3,660mm X 1,220mm, 3,050mm X 1,500mm and 4,000mm X 1,500mm.

Q.  What do you offer in digital print vinyls?
A.  We offer a comprehensive range of digital print SAV’s, ranging from promotional 18 month product to long term 7 year vinyls.  Our range covers monomeric and polymeric adhesive vinyls for standard use and we also offer a whole range of specialty films, with and without adhesive.   Our monomeric and polymeric SAV’s are supplied with a range of adhesive.

Q.  What is the range of adhesives you offer on your SAV Vinyl:
A.  We offer permanent, permanent with grey coloured adhesive, bubble free, air free, removable, high tack, repositionable.

Q.  Do you offer overlaminates for your print SAV’s (Vinyls)?
A.  Yes we do offer a range of overlaminates to match our print vinyls.  We have over laminates in gloss clear, matte clear, sandtex embossed.   

Q.  Do you offer a static cling (electrostatic) vinyl:
A.  We offer a static cling vinyl.  This is a product from the USA and has proven itself as one of the best static cling of electrostatic vinyl.

Q.  What colours do you offer for the electrostatic vinyl.
A.  It is available in White and in Clear.

Q.  What brand do you promote in digital films?
A.  We offer a range of digital print films under the range we refer to Chief Print.  Under this range for your standards monomeric we offer CP3 and for our polymeric range we offer CP4.  Both CP3 and CP4 are getting more and more entrenched on our market.   The standard CP3 And CP4 brands are worth a try because you will never look back.  They perform in every aspect – printable, various adhesive, has been on the market for more than years and has overcome all teething issues to become a brand we are more than confident offering to this market.   

Q.  Do you also offer matched over laminates?
A.  Yes, we offer CP3 and CP4 over laminates in a gloss and a matte finish.
Q.  Do you offer polyester overlaminates and what is the benefit of polyester?
A.  Yes we offer a limited range of polyester overlaminate.  Polyester is for use on flat surface and the main benefit of a polyester overlaminate is its very high gloss look.  Our polyester overlaminate is offers an optically clear look.  It is supplied on a film liner.

Q.  Do you offer products other than vinyls (SAV) for digital printing?
A.  Yes, we certainly offer various other products to complement the vinyls.  We offer back-lit films, Photo Paper, Magnetic Sheeting, Static Cling Vinyl, Walk-on Graphics, Banner media.

Q.  Static Cling Vinyl – can you give us a little more information.
A.  We promote Hi-Stat from Catalina Graphics USA.   Our Hi-Stat is 200 Microns thick, making it thicker than what is offered by our competition.  The thicker product makes it easier to apply.

Q.  Walk-on Graphics for floor graphics?  Is this approved for use as floor graphc?
A.  Yes the Catalina Walk on Graphic film is UL approved for slip resistance.  Catalina Walk On Graphics is a matched system, a removable satin white print vinyl and either a gloss clear or an embossed overlaminate.

Q.  Banner Media – what do you supply?
A.  We offer an ultra smooth banner for indoor use (USB), Mesh with and without liner, front-lit block-out with a special black backing, a backlit banner media and of course our famous laminated roll up banner white/white of white/grey, which stays flat, no edge curling.

Q.  What additional substrates do you offer?
A.  We offer Bubble Guard Board, Shield Board (competes against image board and Armour Board) Acrylic, Polycarbonate (Lexan), foamed / expanded PVC, Celuka Hard Skin PVC, Chief Flute, Greenboard.

Q.  Bubble Guard Board – What is that? 
A.  Bubble guard Board is a polypropylene board, similar to flute-board but built on bubble technology.  The easiest way to explain it, it is bubble wrap converted to a flat rigid sheet.  This bubble technology on a still board ensures bi-directional strength.  The sheet can be cut in either direction without losing strength in one direction as in the case of flute.  As we know flute collapsed I one direction.   

Q.  Can you stick letters and print on bubble guard board?
A.  Yes, you can certainly stick vinyl to this board and bubble guard board is printable by screen.  It can be printed on flat bed digital printers but as heat will inflate air-bubbles you need to ensure that the UV lamps on the flat bed printers are turned to the lowest heat when printing bubble guard board.   As is the case with all products, we recommend testing prior to bulk production.

Q.  Is bubble guard board supplied in different thicknesses, such as 3mm and 5mm as is the case for corflute?
A.  No bubble guard board is not supplied in a thickness.  Bubble guard board is supplied in weight per square metre and the weight makes up the thickness.  As the structure of a bubble needs more plastic than the structure of flute, it means that using the same weight of polypropylene to produce corflute would produce a thicker board than bubble board. 

Q. So how do I compare 5mm corflute with bubble guard board.
A.  As a rule of thumb, 5mm corflute is a 900GSM product, Bubble Guard Board at 1,000GSM measure 4.8mm.   3mm flute is supplied at 500GSM – our 700GSM Bubble Board mesure 3.2mm.
Q.  Bubble Board pricing is higher than corflute – what advantages over corflute am I paying for?
A.  Bubble Board price is only marginally higher in price than corflute but Bubble guard board offers many advantages over flute.  Bubble Guard Board finish gets close to the finish on foamed PVC and is close to the finish on image-board.  Being a bi-directional board, it means you can never cut it in the wrong direction and also you have much less wastage as jobs can be lined up and cut in any direction.   Even smaller off-cuts can be used because you do not need to follow the direction of the flute.

Q.  Does your Polycarbonate sheet offer UV protect both sides?
A.  Yes we offer both our clear and our opal with UV2.

Q.  Whose resin do you use in the Polycarbonate sheet?
A.  It is Lexan resin.

Q.  What is Shield Board?
A.   Shield Board is a polypropylene sheet based on bubble technology.   

Q.  What is the difference between Bubble Guard Board and Shield Board?
A.  Shield Board is considered a higher grade product as it offers a very smooth finish on both sides and is opaque.  Bubble guard Board is a single sided board and when put up against light, tents to offer a translucent finish.   Shield Board can be printed both sides where we recommend only single side printing on the bubble guard board.

Q.  What is Shield Board Plus:   Shield Board Plus is basically the same product as Shield board but supplied with a black core.  The black core renders the sheet to be 100% opaque and it can be printed both sides without any show through on the second side.  Ideal for hanging signs in supermarket as the product is very light and can be eyeleted and hung.

Q.  You talk about One Way Vision Internal, can you explain this.
A.  One way vision film, as you are well aware, has been available on our market for a long time but is used only as an exterior film.  It is now available for use on the inside of a window.  To describe it and to give you an idea of this product – the film is like your normal one way vision film – white one side and black second side.  The product is supplied white facing out and laminated onto a plastic liner.   The white facing out is supplied with a Gecko suction adhesive.  You print direct onto the adhesive and this film is then taken off the liner and applied to the inside of the window.  

Q.  Sound exciting, but would the suction adhesive get dirty too easily?
A.  Yes it does and printing a one way vision film for the inside of a window does require a lot of care.  It is recommended that the product be handled with gloves and that as soon as graphic is printed and ready, the face be protected with a silicon based liner.   Apply the liner to the face and only take off at time of application.

Q.  Where would I buy a liner film for this use?
A.  Chief Media offers a liner paper.  Please call us for further information.

Q.  I believe One Way Vision Film for internal use has had issues in the past.  Has this been fixed?
A.  Yes all issues are now fixed and the product is ready for production and sale.

Q.  Do you sell a glow in the dark (luminescent) film with adhesive?
A.  Yes we offer a 12 hour glow in the dark film.  However this is not a stock standard item.   Delivery would be 4-5 weeks from date of order.

Q.  Do you sell the glow in the dark by the metre?
A.  As it is only a forward order item, we only sell full rolls.

Q.  You offer floor graphics.  Do you offer carpet graphics and outdoor floor graphics?
A.  We do not stock the carpet or the outdoor floor graphics.  We do have access to these products, but orders would have to be forward orders with delivery 6 weeks from date of order.

Q.  Do you offer colour matching on your composite panel?
A.  Certainly we do offer colour matching.  However minimums apply.

Q.  Please advise how I can go about ordering a specified colour on ACM from you.
A.  We request a pantone colour number or a sample of the colour you would like matched.   This sample is sent overseas for matching.  We get back 2 matches and these are forwarded to you for approval.  Once approved, we can deliver 6 weeks after confirmed order.  Minimums apply.